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Beauceron Pedigree Database

I am now taking photographs for the Beauceron Pedigree Database.

Please read the following if you would like to submit a picture of your dog for the Online Beauceron Pedigree Database.

  1. Photos should be in .jpg format.
  2. Send only ONE photo per email.
  3. Include full name of the dog EXACTLY as it appears in the database in the subject line of the email.
  4. Subject line - Subject: Photo for Database - followed by the full name of the dog exactly as it appears in the database.
  5. Include your name with photo.
  6. Only one photo per dog.
  7. Only one dog in photo.
  8. No people in photo.
  9. Photos should be no larger then 100 KB in size (larger photos will be resized).
  10. If you are not the photographer, you need to first get permission from the photographer to use the photo.
  11. Do NOT send Copyrighted photos.
  12. Send all photos to admin@aboutbeaucerons.com

I use the compress picture function in Microsoft Office Picture Manager to compress the photo for the website before uploading it to the database, so your photo may appear smaller in the database then what you submit to me. I have very little room on the server and pictures take up a lot of room.

I currently have the database set to display photos, if available, for the first 2 generations.

View a sample pedigree without links with photos.

View a sample pedigree with links with photos.

If you would like to submit pictures to the Beauceron Photo Gallery, please go to the Photo Gallery Information page.

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