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April 2014 New database uploaded. Please check the database. If there is missing/incorrect info on your dog(s), please submit/re-submit the info to me. Thanks!

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About Beaucerons is a web site dedicated to the Beauceron and to all the people who own and love them. It is the most comprehensive online resource about the Beauceron breed on the internet today. There are a lot of things to see throughout the many pages. Take your time and enjoy your stay.

This site is dedicated to the memory of

Soleil du Murier de Sordeille

Soleil RIP - click for full size

I want to thank everyone for the incredible outpouring of support I received through Soleil's illness. Unfortunately, the cancer became too much for Soleil to fight any longer. I miss her dearly and she has left a large hole in my heart that will never be filled. She was the best companion and probably as perfect a dog as you could ever find. I was honored to be her owner and her partner in agility. She taught me so much. The days and months since she has left do not seem to get any easier. Maybe in time they will. Soleil, I miss you so very much it hurts tremendously.

** News . . . April 2014 Database Update . . . News **

The database has been updated. Please check your dog(s). If there is missing or incorrect information on your dog(s), please submit the corrected information to me. Thanks!

I want to send a special Thank You to Carol Kundt for sending me all the back issues of the AKC Awards which contain all the information I needed for all the AKC titles and updates. Without her amazing generosity, these updates would never have happened.

** News Flash . . . First Beauceron to earn VCD3 . . . News Flash **

Congratulations to Michele Godemann and Techno (Technically Topaz Du Canis Dirus) for making Beauceron history. Techno is the first Beauceron to earn the coveted AKC Versatile Companion Dog title level 3 (VCD3). To accomplish this, Michele and Techno earned a high level obedience title (Utility Dog), and high level agility titles (Excellent Agility & Excellent Agility Jumpers), as well as a high level tracking title (Tracking Dog Excellent). Techno is the very first Beauceron in AKC to earn this title. You can read more about the Versatile Companion Dog (VCD) on the VCD page. Thank you Michele and Techno, for showing everyone how wonderfully versatile the Beauceron truly is.

Introducing * Disney du Bois du Nord * aka "Mickey"

Mickey's pedigree
Mickey started his agility career April 2011. Agility videos coming soon.

The Beauceron Pedigree Database now exceeds 33,000 Beaucerons! Thank you to everyone who has submitted information for the database.

Check out the searchable Beauceron Pedigree Database. Discover your Beauceron's genealogy. Be sure to read the Beauceron Pedigree Database FAQs before using the database. You may be surprised at all the information you can display on your dog and your dog's family members.

Check out the Table of French Cotations. This will help make it easier to understand the French system of rating Beaucerons. I have also added a few fun facts at the bottom of the page.

You can find many Beauceron breeders and the home pages of many Beauceron sites on the Beaucerons Around the World page.

Find out who is doing what with their Beauceron. Check out the Beaucerons In the News pages where you will find out how athletic and versatile the Beauceron really is.

I have created a page for my dog Soleil du Murier de Sordeille, the inspiration behind this website. The page has many links to her many photo albums. You can even watch videos of Soleil competing in agility on Soleil's Agility Runs page.

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