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Photo Gallery Information

*** Important News Flash ***

The Photo Gallery is back up and running and is now accepting pictures again.

*** End of News Flash ***

Anyone can submit a picture to the Beauceron Photo Gallery.

Please read the following if you would like to submit a picture of your dog to the Beauceron Photo Gallery.

  • Only registered users of the Beauceron Photo Gallery can upload pictures. To register, just click the Registration link on the left below the Log In button.
  • If you are not the photographer, you need to first get permission from the photographer to use the photo.
  • Do NOT upload Copyrighted photos.
  • Select the album you want to add your pictures to. There are two different albums, Male Beaucerons and Female Beaucerons.
  • Click on the word 'Upload' in the top right of the photo album you selected.
  • Fill in the 'Image File:' field. Use the browse button to find the picture of your dog on your computer.
  • Please include full name of the dog(s) in either the 'Image Name:' or 'Description:' field.
  • Click on Submit when done.
  • The picture can be of dogs and people but each picture must include at least one Beauceron.
  • Every picture must be uploaded separately.

I have to validate all pictures before they appear in the photo albums. This is to insure that the pictures are of Beaucerons.

If you would like to submit pictures to the Beauceron Pedigree Database, please go to the Submit Pedigree Photo Information page.

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