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Before submitting a Kennel Name, there MUST ALREADY be dogs entered in the Beauceron Pedigree Database with that kennel name.

1. Breeder MUST have a Kennel Name.

2. There must ALREADY be at least ONE DOG IN THE DATABASE with Kennel Name.

3. Kennel Name must be an EXACT MATCH to the dog's kennel name.

Before submitting a Kennel Name:

Click on the Pedigree Database Search and enter Kennel Name.

If no dogs were listed, do NOT use this form. The form will be rejected.

If at least one dog was listed, you may add the Kennel Name.

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This submission is for BEAUCERON BREEDERS ONLY.

You MUST already have dogs in the database with your kennel name BEFORE submitting form or your form WILL be rejected.

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